Whether you’re in marketing or sales, you need effective copywriting to reach your goals.

You spend countless hours pouring over content. Writing. Editing. Revising. You notice the results are often ineffective or mistargeted work.
Your not getting the results you want.   

I'm the content and copy expert for Agriculture that can help you.

As a vertical farmer,  ag. enthusiast and specialized b2b copywriter, I can quickly and effectively write marketing material and Sales enablement copy using modern b2b best practices.


Are you interested in a faster kickoff? Quicker turnaround? Or more productive content for YOUR company? 


" The guide she wrote for us was really well recieved. I appreciated the fact that she started with all of those  questions to better understand our audience"

Tess M.  Said about the technical one-sheet Jessica wrote

“...Keeping up with the customer demand for content.”

That is what revenue teams tell us is their #1  biggest challenge.

Can you relate? 


Great pieces of well-written, well-designed, perfectly targeted content are needed for each and every stage in the sales process. That means you have a ton of content to produce. And it never ends. 


I am an online b2b copywriter. I help restaurant supply and equipment companies like you create effective online material. Projects like emails, blogs, and lead magnets.


If your team needs sales-enablement material that equips sales teams and can improve sales by an average of 15% — I do that too.  

You deserve a specialist in agriculture to work on your projects.  Someone who knows modern b2b copywriting best practices and who knows the farming/ equipment audience because she is one.  


Effective content earns you more traffic to your site — which turns into more leads — which means more opportunity to close and greater profits. Learn why I could be the greatest asset to growing a thriving company under your leadership.

Start focusing on YOUR strengths and allow me to leverage mine for your business.

Keep Up with swaying Agriculture trends 

Increase monthly website traffic with informative Audience-focused Content, Blogs and Articles

Reach More Prospects Organically 

Stand out with competitive agriculture- industry website Content and SEO Marketing Strategies

Improve Customer Loyalty and repeat buyers

Develop real connections between you and the agriculture companies you serve with persuasive newsletters, email, and updates that keep restaurant customers coming to you.

....Jessica went above and beyond the material we provided to deliver an excellent document. Thanks for all your hard  work.

Amber F.  said about the Ebook she had written for her Homegrown website. 

Jessica has the credentials for the job! 

Jessica is an American Writers and Artists Institutue credentialed b2b copywriter. You can expect she can leverage current SEO and keyword techniques based on thier high certifcation standards. Tht means  with her working for you, your site and any articles can easily show up in searches.


She has been trained in modern b2b strategy by experts such as Steve Slaunwhite and Bob Bly and knows how to catch the eye of serious business buyers and how to persuade them to take your action through her own experiance as a vertical farmer.


Most recently, Jessica has been certified at the master's level in Sales Enablement copywriting. She was trainned on how to write effective materials that influence TODAY's buyers on behalf of busy sales teams.

When you choose Jessica to partner with you on your writing projects -- You're getting a highly-skilled, highly trained, and well-reviewed b2b agriculture copywriter who has alo spent years as your prospects and has invaluable insider knowledge into that world. 

Keep ahead of your agriculture industry and farm supply competition with fresh content and strategic messaging.

  • really cultivate customers with compelling content that sells them on your products and services before they ever reach out.

  • Make sure your website always ranks as high as it can with thoughtful keyword placement. 

  •  Stay way ahead of your competitors who still haven't grasped online strategy or the digital age. 

Do it with frequent, optimized, and relevant content. Let's form a unique content marketing plan for your business today: 

  • Blog posts and articles

  • Case studies/ testimonials

  • White papers ( special reports) 

  • ebooks

  • Website SEO 

  • Other forms of online content 

Highly customizable, and effective templates can help keep sales teams in sync. 

Sell more with pre-scripted words in the right persuasive order.


  • Unite the team under one sales umbrella with highly customizable templates written in the most persuasive order. 

  • Let sales teams "go" with best practice guidelines - the perfect middle ground between killing the prospect with a strict script and just "winging" multi-thousand-dollar deals.

  • Don't depend on a non-writing sales team to develop the high converting copy the company depends on for revenue. 

  • Jessica is a highly trained, certified Sales Enablement copywriter who can tackle your projects with systematic efficiency. This means your team is united and on the right track for your next big deal. 

Do it with effective, high converting, and very conversational sales enablement copywritng services  

  • Battle cards

  • Call -scripts / Call tracks

  • Cold Prospecting emails

  • Follow up emails 

  • Webinars 

  • Sales decks/ Proposals 

  • Content offer pieces 

Close an average of 15% more with sales enablement copy than your peers who do it themselves. 

Current and previous customers cost less to market to than a new prospect. 

Regular newsletters and emails drastically improve customer loyalty. Leverage your pool of previously pleased prospects with helpful, genuine, and informative emails.  It can be hard to know what else to write about. Let me help.  

  • Improving brand loyalty 

  • reduce marketing expenses,

  • increase referrals,

  • establish authority,

  • enhance industry credibility Custumized  

  •  result in a happier community of customers. 

Trusted by farm supply companies and businesses across the country